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An NFL cheerleader who has gone on to fame as a comedian featured on MADtv? Anjelah Johnson-Reyes is definitely the only person I've ever heard of to make such a huge professional leap. She's cheered at a Superbowl, become a YouTube sensation and wears her religious convictions on her sleeve. Interestingly, her postcard arrived in the mail out of the blue; turns out my cousin met Anjelha Johnson in LA, posed this question to her and handed her a postcard to respond.

Albert Bandura researched how it is we learn to act the ways we do and came away with a head-scratchingly simple conclusion: by observation. It seems common sense now, but it wasn't in 1961 when he conducted the now-famous "Bobo Doll" experiment where adults exhibited violent behavior toward a doll. Watching children then mimicked this violence. Observation, modeling, imitation: these acts became the basis of Social Learning Theory, and Observational Learning. Bandura's work has been quietly revolutionary, he's the fourth most cited psychologist in research (after Sigmund Freud, B.F. Skinner, and Jean Piaget), and is described as one of the most influential psychologists of all time.

I wonder how much Bandura would say our observations of others inform what it is we think we truly want in life?

Most people know Bob Saget from his role as Danny Tanner on the 80s sitcom Full House. He hosted America's Funniest Home Videos for a number of years in the 90's. But he cemented his legacy with his joke-telling in the documentary The Aristocrats. Bob Saget had a dirty, dirty mind and he loved it. Rest in Peace America's Most Perverted Dad. And yes, it is best not to ask "Happy New Year?" as a question.

Aaron Cometbus started putting out his seminal 'zine Cometbus back in 1981. He was there at the epicenter of the pop punk explosion in the Bay Area in the late 80s and early 90s. He was a roadie and fill-in drummer for Green Day at the beginning of their meteoric rise, helped start famed punk venue 924 Gilman, and self-published achingly beautiful stories of wanderlust, friendship and love while living on the edges of society in his hand-lettered 'zine Cometbus.

"A central figure in the postwar American crafts movement," according to the New York Times. Maloof was the first craftsman to be awarded the MacArthur "genius" grant, and it is easy to see why; the quality of the woodwork on his self-built house made it almost a museum to the craft (it's now on the National Historic Register) and one of his elegant rocking chairs recently sold for $80,000. Of the dozens of rockers he produced, most are in museums, including the Smithsonian. Even with all the fame, throughout his life Maloof would respond with one word to his own question: "Woodworker."

In 1994 I took a college course called Women in Literature. It was an upper-level course and in it we read The Woman Warrior. Like for many, Maxine Hong Kingston's book opened my eyes to systemic racism, first through the lens of Chinese-Americans, then to American society in general. Kingston’s powerful prose forced me to ask:

How am I perpetuating these systems of oppression?

How can we stop?

For years I thought this postcard said, "Check, OK," but after a friend encouraged me to look up Manson's signature, I found that it says, "Chuck," with a strange symbol he used often, after. Does it say, "OK"? Or is that a creepy eyeball? The hair stood up on the back of my neck when I realized he had actually written me back. There was no other accompanying material, so there is no insight into his thoughts or question.

I still love Steven Colbert, even though just after his postcard response arrived in the mail a new feature appeared on The Late Show: Just One Question. And featuring a logo that looks suspiciously like mine… I admit, it's an honor, even though I think they should do me a solid and have the actual Question Project on the show. Yes, let's get some water and talk about all these fascinating questions, Stephen!

“What is your name?” seems an innocent question, but as I looked into the history of the Dear Abby column, I found her own answer is surprisingly complex. First, I thought that I was smart learning that her real name was Abigal Van Buren, but it turns out that is a pseudonym as well. She was born Pauline Esther Friedman, identical twin to Esther Pauline Friedman. Why is that important? Because twin Esther went on to become Ann Landers! And in a final twist, since the year 2000 it has been Pauline’s daughter Jeanne Phillips penning the nationally syndicated advice. Dear Abby is truly a woman of mystery.

From the 2020 Greenway Glow festival, Minneapolis, MN

How is your day?

-Deo, Minneapolis, MN

Now that you are on the cliff of ambition, do you still have goals for your future? -Michael, Minneapolis

Now that you are on the cliff of ambition, do you still have goals for your future? -Michael, Minneapolis

Is the universe infinite?

-Bobby Kimball, lead singer of Toto

Are you aware that there is an actual black hole out there sucking everything toward it, consuming everything in destruction?

-Oscar, San Francisco, California

-Amy, Madison, Wisconsin

What did you do for someone else today?

-Avi, author of three Newbery-winning children's books (Newbery Honor for The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle 1991, Nothing But the Truth 1992. And his fiftieth book, Crispin: The Cross of Lead, awarded the Newbery Gold Medal in 2003.)

What's your favorite restraint?

-Mark, Santa Barbara

How's your civic life?

-Ralph Nader, politician, activist, environmentalist, consumer advocate

What is your personal revolution?

-Ro, Minneapolis, Minnesota

What's not to like?

-Cindy, St. Paul, Minnesota

Just One Question hits the road next month for a Midwestern Book Tour!

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What's for lunch?

-Dan Hicks (and his Hot Licks). Check out some classic Dan Hicks Here!


Would Gilligan have had more fun as a blonde?

-Matt, Minneapolis

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What is Infinity?

-Angus, Santa Barbara

Are you going to eat that?

-Jen Smith, artist, musician, zine editor, and activist. She is credited with being the inspiration behind the term Riot Grrrl and being one of the architects of the movement.

Anjehla Johnson

Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that he built his church, the Church of Christ in A.D. 33?

-Anjehla Johnson, Comedian

See one of her best known routine's HERE!

What gets you through life's challenges?

-Tess, Hibbing, Minnesota

Why does this generation have no discipline?

-Michael, Minneapolis, Minnesota

What are the ways in which systems of binary discernment up/down, good/evil, man/woman, etc.  impact your life and how do you deal with it personally?

-Sean, Santa Barbara, California

It would absolutely depend on who the person was. Adult or child, nationality, background. At a cocktail party we ask what people do - best to try to find out WHO they really are inside.

-Jane Goodall, British primatologist and anthropologist. Considered to be the world's foremost expert on chimpanzees.


Jane, the documentary premiere's Monday, March 12th at 8/7 Central. Click here to check it out!

Is it you?!

-Anonymous, St. Paul, Minnesota

Can I have a moment to think?

-Nicole, Michigan

-Kate DiCamillo, author, one of six people to win two Newbery Medals for her novels The Tale of Despereaux (2003) and Flora and Ulysses (2013).

If you died and were born again as one of your friends, which friend would it be and why?

-Graham, Santa Barbara, California

What did you learn?

-John, Minneapolis, MN

Will you be my Valentine?

-Will Oldham aka Bonny 'Prince' Billy, Indy

What are you?

-Jerry Spinelli, author of Maniac Magee, Wringer, Stargirl

Why must we die?

-Russell, Minneapolis, MN

What question can I ask that will make you say Peanut Butter?

-Beth, Oakland, CA

What made you?

-Neurosis, metal band.

Check them out here:

Do you feel alone right now?

-Ben, Oakland, CA

If you could have lunch with Jesus and could ask just one question, what would that be?

-Kat, Minneapolis

How do you defend the hypocrisies in your life?

-Cabral, Oakland, California

What gives you meaning in life?

-Temple Grandin, groundbreaking animal researcher and autism spokesperson

What helps you sleep at night?

-Jasmine, London, England

Am I real?

-A Unicorn, St. Paul

Will you buy me a beer?

-Tom Robbins, Author Even Cowgirls Get The Blues, Jitterbug Perfume

If you could make any movie, what movie would you make?

-Sarah Rose, Black Rock City, Nevada

What made you happy when you were a child?

-Vivian Gussin Paley, Pre-K and Kindergarten teacher, educational researcher, and MacArthur Fellow.

What's your favorite mistake?

Kim, Bellingham

Do you feel uncomfortable around people with disabilities?

-Elizabeth, Minneapolis

Why is money so important to you?

-Yuuki, Burnsville, MN

I have no question for everyone I meet.

-Wendell Berry, American novelist, poet, environmental activist, cultural critic, and farmer.

Where are you originally from? (Why did you move here?)

-Kelly, Kalamazoo, MI


If you could live your real life in the set of any movie, what would you choose?

-Tony, Ely, MN

What decision in life have you made that you're most confident about?

-Jess, Albany, CA

-Aaron, Maine

What is missing?

-Maya Lin, Artist + Designer (Vietnam Memorial, D.C.)

What are we, as a species, so destructive to ourselves and our environment?

-Sue, New York

Where's the bathroom?

-Leon Redbone

What are the ways in which systems of binary discernment up/down, good/evil, man/woman, etc.  impact your life and how do you deal with it personally?

-Sean, Santa Barbara, CA

Have you earned the privilege of being alive?

-Frank Oz

What is infinity?

-Angus, Santa Barbara, CA

Are you happy?

-David Lynch, Filmmaker

What's a secret you've never told anyone?

-Phil, Kalamazoo

Who are you really?

Corey Flintoff, NPR

What movie do you think everyone should watch?

-Kate, Portland, Oregon


What is your name?

-Dear Abby

How do you decipher between truth and lies?

-Robert, Minneapolis

What is going to be the next most fun thing you will do?

-Charlie Papazian, Founder of the American Homebrewing Association and the Great American Beer Festival

What is this life? (Often it is kind of rhetorical, but the world does baffle me constantly)

-Carl, Berkeley, CA

What are you most thankful for?

-Tonder, Madison, WI

Are your pets spayed or neutered?

-Bob Barker, Price is Right host

What is your favorite sandwich?

-Sarah, Nevada


-Atom Egoyan, Filmmaker

Can I trust you?

-Joe, Massachusetts

What would you do if you could do anything you wanted for the day? You have a free day, nothing planned, what would you do?

-Scott, Cedarburg, WI


What is your goal in life?

-Arnold Palmer


Do you believe in God? (Why?)

-Sam, Kalamazoo, MI

When did you get laid the last time?


What is one thing that you love?

-Toby, Santa Barbara, CA

Arnold Lazarus

How can we eradicate violence, hatred, and prejudice?

-Arnold Lazarus, Psychologist responsible for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Learn more about his work HERE!


What's your favorite breakfast food?

-Mark, Santa Barbara, CA

Did you not forget to bring your hang-glider?

-Cos, Santa Barbara, CA

Christmas Green Gulch 2009 032

Is happiness something that you realize looking back on it, or is it something you experience in the moment?

-Marcie, Santa Barbara, CA


Who are you?

-Sean, Santa Barbara, CA

What are you thinking?

-Rosie, Oakland, CA

What would you do with your time Right Now to create the change that you want to see in the future?

-Mick, Oakland, CA

Boston Spring Break 2010 118

What's the closest we've been (geographically), before we actually met?

-Lucas, Providence, RI

What's your passion?

-Nicole, Oakland, CA

What is it you do that makes you dynamic?

-Brett, Oakland, CA

Albert Bandura

What do you want in life?

-Albert Bandura, Psychologist

Learn more about Albert Bandura's work HERE!

Do you know how to water ski?



Is there hope for humanity?

-David, Bigelow, MN

What's your first memory?


How's it goin'?

-Ben, Oakland, CA

Alan Bishop

Where does the term "Six Million" originally come from?

-Alan Bishop, vocalist/bassist, Sun City Girls

Learn more about the Sun City Girls HERE!

What is this life? (Kind of rhetorical, but it does baffle me constantly)

-Carl, Oakland, CA

1 (9)

What the fuck?

-Matt, Kalamazoo, MI

If you could write a book, what book would you write?

Leslie, Bainbridge Island, WA

What's your ultimate goal for happiness?

-Hayden, Black Rock Desert, NV

Aaron Ptown Higgins

What did you think of "The Blair Witch Project?"

-Aaron, Provincetown, MA

What helps you get to sleep at night?

-Jasmine, Black Rock Desert, NV

What's your favorite sandwich?

-Anna Rose, Block Rock Desert, NV


Can I have a dollar?

-Anthony, Staten Island, NY

What did you want to be when you grew up? (And what happened to that dream?)

-Jill, Ely, MN

Do you think you are on your right path in life?

-Debby, Ely, MN

Aaron Cometbus

What excites you? What's news? What's new?

-Aaron Cometbus

Learn more about Aaron Cometbus HERE!

Is the world round?

-Frank, Kalamazoo, MI


What do you think is the role of the courts in our democracy?

-Meg, Seattle, WA


What's the highlight of your life?

-Joe, Cambria, CA


What are you doing here?



Are we going to have sex later?


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How's my hair?

-Johanna, Kalamazoo, MI

Albert Bandura

What do you want in life?

-Albert Bandura, the most cited living psychologist


How do you differentiate between Right and Wrong?

—Johanna, Germany


If I was a worse man, I would ask for your PIN #. If I was a better man, I would ask you how I could be of service.

-Jay, Burning Man

How are you?

—Al Franken, US Senator